CorelDraw vs Illustrator- Major Differences in a Pictorial way

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CorelDraw vs Illustrator- Major Differences in a Pictorial way

By graphicdesign 0 Comment August 23, 2019

When it comes to design, we all know that it is omnipresent. All you need is to look around yourself and you will get a grab on it. Your residence, the modes of advertisements, web designing, magazines, flyers, in almost every aspect other than life, the element of the design is present.

You will also come across design in almost every niche, be it arts to main business spheres or from business to medical arts, the string that serves as the broken link is mainly the layout.

Before diving into the differences, let us first shine in some light on what these two are. CorelDraw the designing tool that is used mainly in the production of myriads of documents that ranges from banners to visiting cards.

On the other hand, an Illustration is a tool that is used for drawing maps, illustrations, logos, and many others.

Today, we are going to discuss on CorelDraw and Illustrator as both of these have set the war on fire:


The owner and the creator of CorelDraw are Corel Corporations in 1987 while the Adobe Illustrator is mainly owned and created in the year 1986 by Adobe Systems.


The software tool, CorelDraw is a program that is used for drawing and its main use is for creating various types of documents that can range from the visiting cards to more prominent printed banners. You can learn all about this software once you join the CorelDraw training institute in Rohini.

Adobe Illustrator, on the other hand, is utilized mainly as an editor for vector graphic for the creation of drawings in various fields, as mentioned above for logos, maps, illustrations and many more.

Learning Curves

Anyone can learn CorelDraw as this is a software that is extremely user-friendly incorporating lesser learning curves. Illustrator is usually termed to be a well-developed software that offers some harder learning curves.

One can learn CorelDraw from the tutorials as well but in terms of the illustration, one needs to undergo proper training through a well-known reputed Adobe illustrator training institute in Rohini. If you are keen in learning CorelDraw in a professional way you can also take the training from CorelDraw training Institute in Pitampura.

Their functioning

You will be surprised to know that irrespective of everything, both the software does offer a greater level of features and commands for the creation of higher-level designs along with some expert features. Here CorelDraw can be very user-friendly and cool to its users and the features of Illustrator can also be for their users. There is a high level of chances that the users will be greatly satisfied with Illustrator than that of CorelDraw mainly due to its smooth functioning and also its compatibility with the latest trends of design and motion graphics along with video editing applications, This is something a user will not get from CorelDraw. So, illustrator wins the show here.

Symbol Library

While considering the symbols, both of the apps their cool library. Any type of symbol can be used that one can easily create and edit. Here Adobe wins again as it offers a great third party library than what CorelDraw offers.

Color Preview

When compared to Illustrator the Print Preview in CorelDraw is not up to its mark. Illustrator offers a lot more accuracy in its print preview as it is a postscript file format. Here again, Illustrator steals the show!


You will be simply amazed in knowing that every version of Adobe Illustrator can run on both PC and Mac. But, CorelDraw fails to achieve this. So, you know who the winner here is again in terms of device compatibility! You can learn more about this from Adobe Illustrator training Institute in Pitampura.

Adobe is the owner of Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects and many others, so Illustrator is a far better tool than that of CorelDraw as Corel owns the similar interface with short cuts and high level of possibility for file exchange. So, hats off to Illustrator AGAIN…!

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