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CorelDraw - (Special / Digital Photography / Advance)


The specialty of transforming thoughts into visual stuff with the assistance of pictures, content, and items is known as Graphic Designing. Making illustrations for any part or segment of substance goes under Graphic Designing. Realistic Designing is a course which is on high buzz these days and is taking a great many new comes in the business. There are a lot of spots where individuals need a decent and experienced visual originator. So you can be the one.

We are giving best, reasonable and dependable realistic structuring courses in Rohini. We likewise give test classes in which an individual can realize whether he/she is good with the educating or not. This alternative makes him/her alright with the mentor. Likewise, we give guaranteed position ensure which comes as paid at different spots.


  • Tools and Workspace
  • Image editing
  • Selection techniques
  • Color Correction
  • Production tips and tricks
  • Using Bridge with Photoshop
  • Painting and Retouching
  • Layers and Masking

CorelDraw – Course Contents

Module 1: Various file formats

  • File formats for web (RGB - Red, Green Blue)
  • File formats for printing (CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

Module 2: Corel Draw learning tools

  • Interactive blend tools
  • Interactive contour tool
  • Interactive distortion tool
  • Interactive drop shadow tool
  • CorelDraw shapes
  • Star tool
  • Crop tool
  • Eraser tool
  • Knife tool
  • Interactive fill tool
  • Complex star tool
  • Spiral tool
  • Graph paper tool
  • Interactive transparency tool
  • Interactive extrude tool
  • Interactive envelope tool

Module 3: Corel Basics

  • Pick tool - Move
  • Pick tool - Skew
  • Pick tool - Resize
  • Corel text basics
  • Simple wireframe
  • Wireframe
  • Behind / in front of
  • Preview selected preview
  • Zoom selected
  • Fit in window
  • Zoom all
  • Basics graphics terms - ungroup
  • Guidelines details
  • Guidelines
  • Outline
  • Fill colour
  • Fountain fill
  • Corel fill types
  • Angle & edge pad - Fountain fill
  • Duplicate
  • Select within group
  • Corel text fill
  • Import
  • Draft Combine
  • Group
  • Combine & group
  • Oder / Forward / Black one

Module 4: Corel Techniques

  • Shaping basics
  • Weld
  • Weld to
  • Weld to - target, source object
  • Simplify
  • Trim
  • Front minus back
  • Intersect
  • Back minus front

Module 5: Corel Draw basics effects

  • Fit text to path basic
  • Fit text to path intermediate
  • Fit text to path advanced
  • Removing text path basic
  • Removing text path intermediate
  • Blend rotation
  • Add respective basic
  • Add respective shape
  • Blend different shapes
  • Colour blending
  • Blend steps
  • Using power clips

Module 6: Artistic effects

  • Sunset
  • Chess board
  • Explode
  • Making precious stones
  • Making rings
  • Fashion designing
  • Extrude project
  • Pendant
  • Simple web buttons
  • Page curl

Module 7: Corel Draw text effects

  • Cracked text effect
  • Combine effect
  • Shadows
  • Big text
  • Ray effect
  • Drop shadow
  • Line text
  • Sliced text
  • Contour effect
  • Grid effect
  • Adding effect

Module 8: Design, Layout and photos

  • Create beautiful bevels
  • Tips for designing newsletter layouts
  • How to create a newsletter
  • Create perfect photo composites with the cutout lab
  • Top 5 photo fixes using Corel photo-paint
  • Tracing with Coreltrace

Module 9: Extra - CorelDraw workspace Tour

Module 10: Extra - Creating a logo

How To Apply?

  • Visit our institute between 8 A.M to 7 P.M Monday to Sunday (Seven Days Open) for quick admission.
  • Looking for online training*, you can Directly apply for any of our classroom or online courses after filling the Registration From.
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  • You have to pay the Rs.2,000/- (for Indian Students) as the registration amount* for Online Courses.
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Why Join Us?

  • Successfully trained and placed 3000+ students
  • Classrooms and Labs are equipped with high-end equipment’s and technologies
  • Training is delivered by experienced faculty several years of industry experience
  • Career Experts will help you choose the best course via one-on-one counseling
  • Provision for free trial session
  • Conducts outdoor sessions and educational industry trips
  • Internship training with reputed organizations
  • Course Fee with easy installment facility
  • 7+ years Experienced Faculty
  • Dedicate placement portal

Learning Methodology

  • Interactive Learning and opportunity to work on Live Projects
  • Latest and comprehensive study material
  • Unlimited practice hours in lab
  • Access to design events
  • Flexible training modes are available to suit your requirement
  • Industry recognized certificate and diploma after completion of course
  • Support in resume making, interview preparation, and portfolio development
  • Provides placement assistance to all students across the country
  • Lifelong technology/ software related support

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